Here you will find our room selection and we think there is something for everyone. We have rooms and apartments in different categories and for the price you best make an inquiry. Discount for longer stay or repeat offenders. We are looking forward to your visit.

Room 11

Room 11 is the perfect room for the romantic vacation. Large, quiet and with spectacular views of the White Beach of Boracay. Large bathroom is also available.

Price per night w/o breakfast: 5.000 PHP

Room 10

Room 10 is on the main floor and also a very nice and spacious room on the right side. From the room exit to the beach in 5 steps. Room is western equipped with AC and large bed.

Price per night w/o breakfast: 4.000 PHP

Room 9

Room 9, a nice little AC room in the back of the main building. Equipped with everything you need to enjoy your vacation.

Price per night w/o breakfast: 3.000 PHP

Room 7, good for 3 persons

Room 7 is our family room. Enough space to enter with a child.

Price per night w/o breakfast: 2.000 PHP

Room 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Our small AC rooms are for small money and exist by their location to the beach. All small apartments have a small balcony in front of the room. Hot water and generator are standard.

Price per night w/o breakfast: 1.700 PHP

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